Of Maps and Monsters, the Right way to Populate a World


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Ebstorf Map by Gervase of Ebstorf
Ebstorf Map by Gervase of Ebstorf



This work is the beginning of a collection of notes on Monsters and Maps. In the future I will split this out into several different sections. I wanted to start wtih what I had here and start working my thoughts out while getting some of this out of my head and into a place I can review and look at.


One of the aspects of making a sandbox type of role playing game is that many times the monsters that the players run into do not make sense. These rules are things I am trying to put down to make a computer controlled map generator that can be used to simplify the planning process for people running a game. A lot of this information was inspired and taken from around the web and expanded upon.

Monster variation

Today in most role playing games monsters are reduced to a handful of stats that do not make them unique. The first activity that I think is needed for a database of monsters to run into is that these monsters need to have random stats. Not every player character or human today has the same strength. The basic idea here is that there is some variation. Many times this variation is reduced to simplify bookkeeping and that makese sense. Today however we have rather powerful computers that can work on handing some of that bookkeeping. Therefore I propose that attributes be replaced with a set of dice.

Expected Values

In order to maintain some sort of normal distribution around a given stat expected values should be used

Stats for Exceptional Members of the Encounter

Stats for Young Members of the Encounter


Distance they can Travel in one day. How long will they remain away from their Home.

What sort of Travel

Do they travel by:

  • Land
  • Air - close to ground
  • Air - within ranged combat
  • Air - within sight
  • Air - Above sight
  • Water
  • other?

Why are they travelling

Travelling, Hunting, Gathering, Fighting

Close Calls


What sort of tracks to these monsters leave


Abandoned lairs, camps, prey or victims


What sort of ways to these monsters mark their territory

Not so Close Calls

Their Lair

Perhaps they are soc


Travelling, Hunting, Gathering, Fighting

External Reactions