Ted Tschopp

Enterprise Technology Architect
⟨ Digital ⟩⟨ Automation ⟩

I am the enterprise technology architect focused on digital and automation portfolios at Southern California Edison(SCE), one of the United States' largest investor-owned utilities with a service territory of over 50,000 square miles consisting of 430 cities and home to nearly 14 million people. In this role I am responsible for providing major stake holders, executives, and senior management with strategic and actionable guidance focusing on the maturity and technical issues and risks associated with Web, Mobile, Social, and Automation ecosystems. I have been at SCE for over a decade.

Before working at Edison, I owned my own business which was featured in Wired Magazine. I founded the largest community website focused on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Prior to this I worked in for a market research company focusing on the automotive industry.

I love working in technology as it provides me with the opportunity to watch the future unfold. Some of the things I have worked on were considered science-fiction when I was in school. This means I get to work on hard problems with brilliant people using complex and cool tools.

I’m always interested in hearing from former colleagues, managers, or just interesting people, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect.

Ted Tschopp's Blog

A collection of writings I have put online over the years. Some of it is really bad, and some of it I am proud of. All of it can be made better.

Ted Tschopp's Drafts

A collection of writings I am working on at this time. Some of it is really bad, and some of it I am proud of. All of it can be made better.

Enterprise Technology Architect for Automation at Southern California Edison

Technology architect responsible SCE's Automation portfolio providing strategy, technology road map, and product management for automation solutions.

  • 181K+ hours saved annually
  • 40+ process automated
  • 25+ bots deployed
  • $6.5 Million in annual costs avoided

Enterprise Technology Architect for Digital at Southern California Edison

Technology architect responsible SCE's digital portfolio of over 500 properties and $30M annual budget providing strategy, technology road map, and product management for digital solutions.

  • 40%+ Mobile Traffic
  • 200K+ Followers on Social
  • 2M+ Monthly Active Users
  • 3.75M+ Transactions a Month

Program Architect for SCE.com

Technical team lead and single-point of contact for technical accountability on SCE's eCommerce channel from project concept through completion.

  • 50% cost savings on SCE’s first mobile app for iOS and Android
  • $12M savings on SCE.com rebranding project’s costs using agile methodologies focusing on expected outcomes
  • Seat on IBM’s Digital Experience Customer Advisory Council
  • 20 index point increase in user satisfaction through a mobile first strategy
  • Developed technology portion of business case for capital program - $70M
  • 40% increase in self-service transactions
  • 10 x increase in mobile page views to +40% of site traffic
  • 75% increase for turn on/off service and 75% decrease in manual order processing
  • Represented SCE’s digital and ecommerce interests on the Utility Information Technology Benchmark (UNITE) group.

Founder of The One Ring: Tolkien Online

Founded and managed the most popular website dedicated to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings.

  • Recognized in leading periodicals such as Los Angeles Times, CNN, and The Guardian UK
  • Interviewed and featured in Wired Magazine September 2001 Issue
  • Ranked as a top 10,000 website by Alexa

Procedural Text Generation

An application that generates text using procedural methods.

The Password Challange

Check the strength of your password based on mathmatical models that take into account the latest hacking techniques!

Twitterbot: Random Board Game Night

An application of the Procedural Text Generation system to create a new game for you to play every hour.